Tom LIberatore ($300,400, Mid)



Whether you start Tom Liberatore or not is not so much around the decision of whether he is good enough because he certainly is, it is more of a question of what team structure you are going to run through your midfield.  Libba has averaged above 107 twice in his career and although that was back in 2013/14 he has been riddled with form issues and more of a half forward role. With the Bont spending more time in the forward line we should expect Libba to spend more time mid then in the forward line. The emergence of Macrae, Dunkley & Mclean through the midfield will obviously impact on this but Libba is a pure inside player and this is where he differs to those players already in that dogs midfield.

Let’s think a little bit more about structure. If you’re going to rock the popular 4-1-3 (premo, mid-price, rookie) then Libba is the ideal mid pricer in that set up. I personally like the midfield structure with Libba sitting at M6 so my structure at the moment looks like 5-1-2. I like this because midfielders = points and I feel like I have all basis covered and have a real value pick in Libba sitting there. Some teams will opt for a 5-0-3 and in this situation your kinda hoping for a Libba injury, because realistically without the injury every other team is gaining money and gaining points on you each week. If you’re going to start the season with one of those ‘mid price madness’ teams with structures like 3-3-2 then picking Libba for you is an absolute must.

Let’s think about worst case scenario. He gets injured. You can’t help that, his just as likely to get injured as any other player so we can’t typically predict this. This is the risk you take with playing SuperCoach and every player that is selected in your side. The next worst case scenario is we get a similar output to his last 2 seasons in which he has averaged 90 (2018) and 79 (2017) then his price of 300K still warrants a selection as he will contribute valuable points, obviously has a high ceiling and the potential to sit in your team right up until the BYES. I mean who truly knows maybe he will even be a solid M8.

Verdict: The best option of all mid-priced midfield options.


Previous Season Averages:
2011 Average: 74.8 from 16 games
2012 Average: 83.1 from 17 games
2013 Average: 107.1 from 22 games
2014 Average: 110.2 from 22 games
2015 Average: Did not play a game
2016 Average: 90.2 from 17 games
2017 Average: 79 from 18 games
2018 Average: 13 from 1 game (injury affected)
2019 Average prediction: 94.7 from 20 games.

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