Patrick Cripps

Screech’s Tribe endorsement (Russ)

2018 Supercoach Stats

Average Score: 119.4

Highest Score: 187 (Rd 14)

Lowest Score: 54 (Rd 11) injured in game

Last 5 games avg from Rd 18-23): 124.2

Cripps was the shining light for Carlton this season, stamping himself as one of the premier midfielders across the whole competition.

Still just 23 years of age, his honours included his first All-Australian berth, a second-placed finish in both the AFLCA and AFLPA awards and breaking the contested possessions record for a home-and-away season.

The man love I have for this guy is unbelievable. Now the Captain of the club officially, this guy will be top 5 supercoach scorer overall for sure.


He is contested ball freak and by the end of 2018 he had racked up 388, that’s an average of (17.6) a game. That is supercoach points just ticking over.

He has averaged over 23 disposals for the past 4 years, with 2018 being his best with an average of 29.6.

Along with that he is a tackling machine, averaging (6.3) per game in 2018.


The above are just signs of Supercoach points just rolling in. It’s like winning the every hour jackpot at crown, every Carlton game he plays is DING DING DING.


Starting this guy in your team is a must. Carlton are a very young side and this man can only get better. O yea, did I mention he is a beast, 195cm Mid, that NO one can take down.


The only knock on this bloke is his kicking for goal and clangers. 2018 was 11 goals, 15 behinds with 99 clangers. If he improves this, he will go 125-130.

My 2019 prediction: 122

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