Zach Merrett                                      07/01/19


Position: MID

2019 Starting Price: $544,800

2018 Avg. 100.4

2018 End Price $542,800

High Score: 130 (Round 16 Collingwood)

Low Score 17 (Round 1 Adelaide) 




This article is designed for those who love to live life a little different, for those who don’t always kick down the guts, those who love handballing out of defence, those who always think outside the centre square!


This week we take aim at Zach Merrett! An extremely talented left footer, capable of getting his own football, showing great speed and an extremely well-rounded game.

For those who owned Merrett early in 2018 and may have the young gun on their never again list after his slow start including being KO’d on 17 in round 1, the aim is to change your mind!


It took a while for Zach to get going after that hit in the opening qtr. from Richard Douglas, I’m sure one Essendon fans and owners of Merrett won’t forget, however if we look at splitting Merrett’s numbers into 2 halves of the season rather than looking at it as a whole, we see that $542,800 price tag starts to get juicy!

Through his first 11 games Zerrett amassed a mere 957 total Supercoach points with an average of 87, this included a top score of 118, a low score of 17 (KO), 5 games 100 + and 4 sub 80. Numbers that didn’t warrant that starting $600,600 starting price tag (we’ll touch on these numbers in a moment).

Take his last 11 games where his total points were up significantly to 1251 rounding his average of the last 11 to a solid 113.72, a top score of 130, low score of 93 during this time having NO games sub 80 and smacking out 10/11 100 + scores in an ever-improving Essendon side.


Merrett is an ever-improving player and has put out an average of 100 + in each of his last 3 seasons, I’d be staggered if he didn’t make it 4 in a row in 2019! it’s the 2016/2017 that leave me with the most confidence.

– 2016 he notched up 15 games 100 + with 6 of those being 130 + along with low scores of 53, 74 and 90

– 2017 was very similar having 12 games 100 + with 5 surpassing the 130 mark  and only one “disappointing score” of 67, his next worst being 83


Its these numbers and the back-end of 2018 form that have me most optimistic in Merrett in 2019, consistency is key and I don’t think anyone can argue that Merrett at his price doesn’t represent value for money!

The one thing I constantly hear early in the preseason is the impact Dylan Shiel will have on Merrett? BZZZZT…. Honestly completely different types of players, if anything I expect the arrival of another line breaker is the key to elevating Merrett’s game! I mean come on this is a man who previously lined up next to Kelly and Conigs, he offers the perfect support.

Already rated elite by foot and an ability to find the pill Zerrett shouldn’t be of any concern and should seriously be considered. his ability to get behind the play and be used in the quarterback role when the tag is alive is what makes Merretts Supercoach game so versatile.


The Verdict ~ one ill seriously consider and i think you should too! 

A fantastic opening couple of games that see 6/7 matches either at Marvel or the MCG. 




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