Isaac Heeney

Screech’s Tribe endorsement (Russ)

2018 Supercoach Stats

Average Score: 97.5

Highest Score: 134 (Rd 12)

Lowest Score: 18 (Rd 15) Injured early in 1st Q

Lowest Score not injured: 70

Last 5 games avg from Rd 18-23): 89.4

Heeney’s bright star continued to rise in 2018, with the young midfielder missing just one senior game and picking up extra minutes in the midfield. He averaged 20 disposals per match, 5 tackles and booted 19 goals for the season. Only 22 years old, this is his year to move more into the midfield and you will see his numbers increase across the board.

In saying that, this may be the last year we can select him forward. I feel this is the year he breaks out and goes bang. Only a few days back he was quoted as saying "I want to have more impact playing as an inside midfielder and when I go forward", also saying “If I'm forward, I can't just be there resting, I've got to make sure I'm having an influence and hitting the scoreboard, so that's the goal this year”.

My call on Heeney is he is going to be a lock for top 6 forward for sure. His price is still great for a forward and his average won’t decrease. Hearing him saying that he will be more in the midfield trenches and wants to add to the scoreboard more when playing forward, can only mean 2019 will be the year he will average more than 100.

This is where I normally say a reason why you should not go this player but there is absolutely no reason why you don’t start Heeney. Mark this down as a lock.

My 2019 prediction: 104

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