For many years, the Supercoach ‘midpricer’ has been the make or break decision for our beloved sides. The idealist in us believes these midpricers can be stepping stones onto a fallen premium, or go on to average 100+ and be a keeper for our sides. The harsh reality is picking midpricers presents huge risks that need to be evaluated before making an informed decision, which will be the aim of the article over the coming weeks. So strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride, because picking a midpricer can be one the most stressful aspects of the game we love.


One of the biggest falls from grace the modern era has ever seen, Hanners has gone from one of the premier midfielders in the comp, to someone who Sydney wish they had traded in 2016 instead of Tom Mitchell. I believe the best way to analyse Hannebery’s output is in a simple pros and cons comparison.


  • For someone who averaged 114 in 2015 and 113 in 2016, a 326k pricetag is very cheap if he can return anywhere near that mark.

  • Was traded from the Sydney Swans to St Kilda in the offseason and could benefit from a fresh start.

  • In comparison to most other midpricers, Hannebery offers decent durability only missing 5 games over the last 4 years through injury (4 of those were last year though)


  • Averaged 31 disposals in 2016 then to 19 in 2018.

  • Averaged 427m gained in 2016, now 199m gained in 2018

  • Averaged 13 contested possessions in 2016, down to 7 in 2018.

  • Had the lowest kicking rating of any midfielder in 2018 at -14.3%

  • Averaged just above 60 in supercoach last year.

  • Has suffered a hamstring strain in preseason and has yet to begin training with the main group.

  • Large group of midfielders at St Kilda, Jack Steven, Seb Ross, Jack Billings, Jack Steele, is he even going to play much mid time?


I believe Hanners will be one of the most popular mid price selections this season, as he has a seriously good history that does not stretch the imagination too far back. However, I cannot see myself picking him based on the preseason hamstring injury he has picked up already, and I believe there are adequate midfield rookies which can be picked up as an alternative. That being said if Hanners goes on to average 95+, I won’t be too happy about not starting him.

Midprice rating: 7.5/10


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