Lachie Whitfield ($542,100). Defender.


To me, this is the most sensible decision you can make in SuperCoach this season. You might question me though, A Bonfz Bargain? Well you’re damn right he is. I would feel comfortable paying 600K+ for this guy to start the year. His priced at an average of sub 100 and I am predicting something around the 110 average from the guy this year. At 542,100 he presents as a cheaper alternative to some of our other premium defenders and at this price and with back to back seasons going at a tick under 100 point average, we have been gifted with this selection. 


11 scores of 100+ in 2018 with only two scores sub 80 for the year. 8 of those tons came between round 11 and 23 when Josh Kelly returned to the Giants line up and I think we all expect Kelly to be starting from round 1. If we go a little further and look at the rounds Josh Kelly played in the first part of the season, Whitfield scored tons in Rounds 1 & 2 before not raising the bat for a third consecutive ton in Round 3 when Kelly got injured. Coincidence? Or is there a little more to it ....


If we then have a look at Whitfield’s finals series he went and posted a further two scores of 135 & 133. I would go as far to say that Whitfield’s importance to your SuperCoach side this year is rivalling Dangerfield’s importance to your forward line setup.


2013 Average: 73 from 19 games

2014 Average: 79.3 from 11 games

2015 Average: 77.3 from 21 games

2016 Average: 81.1 from 19 games

2017 Average: 97.6 from 15 games

2018 Average: 99.8 from 22 games

2019 Average Prediction: 108.7 from 22 games.

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