The final instalment of ‘Bonfz Bargain Buys’ for the 2019 Pre Season is here. I will take a look at 4 rookies, not in great detail, but will certainly highlight the pros and cons and whether or not we should pick them should they be there Round 1. All the guys listed below and pictured above have featured for the majority of the pre season in our line ups and now that the JLT is complete, I don’t really see any reasons as to why they won’t be starting in round one.



Charlie Constable (123,900 – MID)

I’m going to kick things off this week with the player who of these four has the highest scoring ability. Having watch both of Geelong’s JLT games, it’s evident when this guy is on the field. He does a lot of his work inside the contest and whilst Geelong continue with that stacked midfield it gives them other options with players like Duncan and Kelly potentially be using more on a wing as their pace would be a clear asset to the side.


It will be interesting to see if Constable gets a game in Round 1, which I suspect he will and if he does I think this is one we start on field, just by purely looking at his JLT numbers. I believe his numbers are that good he could potentially force big structural changes to your side. I know I’m looking at Constable potentially replacing a ‘premium’ midfielder and using that money to buy an extra forward or defender premium, as my confidence (particularly in the forwards scoring over 40) is really low. In JLT 1, he scored 92 from 71% game time and in JLT 2 backed that up with a 61 from 50%.


To be honest I would feel a lot more conformable if those games were the other way around because I’m a firm believer that JLT 2 is a more accurate reflection come round 1 and the game time is a slight concern. However in saying that his scoring potential is enough to warrant an automatic selection in our teams if he is there round 1. Probably the biggest negative thing about Constable is the fact that Corey has spoken about him so much on the podcast and I hate when he gets things right, because I’m pretty sure I may have insulted him along the way.




Nick Hind ($117,300 – MID)

A popular option on our benches this pre season, Hind I think will almost definitely line up Round 1 and if not round 1 certainly at some point this year. His scoring potential is a little unknown, as he didn’t do anything to ‘force our hand’. JLT 1 he scored 52 from 58% and then scored 29 from 53% the following week.


The reason I’ve included him in hear is maybe this is almost a reality check for us. Helping us to remember that these guys are rookies and that we aren’t going to get 70+ from them every week because rookies are susceptible to a lower scores particularly sub 50. After all they’ve never played AFL before so maybe our expectations should be lower.

If there is a positive to look at though I will start referencing Alan Richardson. He loved him during the pre season games. As Super Coachers we probably see a lot more of those statistical plays and then whine when our players don’t get the points we feel they deserve. However if you go have a look at the press conferences after both of St. Kilda’s games Richardson whilst never asked directly about Hind, continually brought up his name. Got a feeling someone like Hind might be in the team for another reason and if he can continue to work hard on field and on his craft he will get rewarded at some point with some ‘stats’. It’s got a little bit of a ‘coaches pet’ stink about it so for me if he’s there round 1, I think I will be running with him.



Matthew Parker ($117,300 – FWD)

Gee I thought Hind wasn’t setting the world on fire with his Super Coach scores, however you just have to look at his teammate Matty Parker. JLT 1 he scored 61 from 81% Time on Ground and then scored 36 from 75%. He is a real interesting one because I think we almost have to select him given the lack of quality rookie options in their forward line and he will probably match or outscore players who are above 150K like Nick Blake from the Swans.


I referenced post match pressers about Hind just a few paragraphs back. Now take what I said there and times it by 90. Parker’s job security is so unbelievably locked in my opinion. Richardson is absolutely wrapped with the pressure he applies (3rd on field in JLT 2) and he will play him to execute this role. We got a glimpse at his undoubted talent to when he flew for a mark in the first quarter of JLT 2 went back and unfortunately hit the post. Why he is so locked in this team is because what he does for players like Gresham & Billings. Richardson all pre season has referenced Parker and the important role he has in the team because it will allow him to release some of his young emerging stars into the midfield.


In a line where job security seems to be lacking, as well as quality points from rookies I will no doubt select Parker as a ‘heartbeat’ option and just hope he scores a 70 every now and then so he can make us 150K. But as is Super Coach when we get to Round 5, 6, 7 + we will start to have injuries and suspensions and a ‘heartbeat’ rookie may just prevent a donut from those who go with a little riskier option chasing points in this position. For me Parker is my F8 and don’t see a way in which he will move from there.



Jack Petrucelle (123,900 – FWD)

Small forwards what can we say. Low scores one week, respectable scores the next that’s the story we get from pretty much all small forwards, particularly in debut years. No different here for Jack Petrucelle. 43 from 62% game time in JLT 1 backed up with 87 from 74% in JLT 2. The kid has pace though. Watch the highlights of West Coast’s first JLT game you can just see this guy burn off players at will. With Mark Lecras gone and a general footballing focus on pace from clubs, we can expect to see Petrucelle line up regularly for the Eagles this year.

I think the new rule of 6-6-6 helps him to as having the ability to be real quick off the mark will be important in not only applying pressure but potentially winning ball that comes directly from the centre square. We certainly know that West Coast like this type of player as well just think of Rioli & Ryan and then the lesser known Dan Venables who also has pace to burn. If present Round 1, for me his an on field option and certainly someone I will start with. Again it just comes back to not a lot of confidence in the forward rookies, we are light on and in a better year for forward rookies we have even miss Petrucelle but who knows maybe this is a blessing in disguise and he will come out and average around that 70 mark and make us 200K. My fingers are crossed just like I’m sure all of yours are!!







Others to Keep an eye on:

Constable’s potential team mate Round 1, Tom Atkins ($112,900 - MID) because he is also a great buy, given his ability to execute his role being that ‘pressure forward’ through the JLT. Did lay 23 tackles in a VFL game last season which equalled the record and did this whilst captain of the team!


North Melbourne Midfielder Bailey Scott ($117, 300 – MID) who scored 59 from 70% game time in JLT 1 and backed that up with 89 from 58% game time in JLT 2. Not sure if I can pass up an option like that come round 1. Might be a late bolter for out teams.







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