A player that is on the “bubble” is someone who has just played his first two AFL games for the current season. After that player completes their third game, they will have their first price rise/decline. Knowing which players are on the bubble allows you to pick players who are about to have a price rise and generate some cash. The ‘Bubble Boys’ article will be released every week. It will give you insight into the best bubble boy options and hopefully give you a better chance at making some cash.


Mitchell Hinge DEF $123,900k AVG 64.5 BE -55

This guy is the pick of the bunch and there’s going to be a lot of teams bringing him in. Can play pretty much anywhere, 56 on debut against the Crows and a 73 against Freo on the weekend in which he had 14 touches 4 frees for and a goal. More than happy to bring this guy in off the back of what he’s shown and looks like he has the potential to pump out some 80-90s in weeks to come. Wouldn’t be too worried about his job security and if he’s named Thursday which I expect he will be you go get him.


Josh Begley FWD $167,700k AVG 51.5 BE -3

With a BE of only -3 I don’t see a lot of cash being made off Begley. Looks to have come into the Essendon side as a result of a few injuries and I’m not convinced his job security is high. At that inflated rookie price of $167,700 I’d be looking elsewhere.


Oskar Baker $123,900k AVG 49.0 BE -24

A very interesting one here, a lot have been skeptical about trading Baker in for a number of reasons such as job security and scoring potential. However, there’s not going to be a whole lot of rookies on the bubble next week probably only Bewley but he’ll have the bye the week after. Therefore, I think there’s plenty of upside in going double down this week and stashing a bit of cash for the byes. Baker would be alongside Hinge as my top 2 picks to do that. Melbourne seem to love him and although his scores haven’t been great, his confidence and attack on the ball is exceptional for a bloke that’s played 2 games and he’s only going to get better. 2 goals on the weekend and played his role well I can’t see him being omitted. I think Baker deserves a bit more love and plus we all know red head rookies are usually guns.


Connor Glass DEF $210,100 AVG 41.5 BE 42

Billy Frampton RUC $191,100 AVG 43.5 BE 27

Ben King FWD $184,800 AVG 19.5 BE 71

Isaac Cumming DEF $173,700 AVG 43.5 BE  16

Harrison Petty DEF $160,700 AVG 44.0 BE 8

Highest of these 5 averaging 44 I just can’t justify selecting any of them. Quite disappointing to have so many rookies come and go with such low scores but it is what it is. Any rookie with a positive BE after 2 games is usually a no go and this is no different.

Has The Bubble Popped?


Michael Gibbons BE 66

Jay Lockhart BE 70

Jack Pertrucelle BE 71

Jack Scrimshaw BE 74

Gryan Miers BE 114


Christopher Burgess BE 34

Matthew Parker BE 35

Will Setterfield BE 37

Callum Wilkie BE 60

Willem Drew BE 63

Sydney Stack BE 70


Noah Balta BE -3

Nick Larkey BE 14

Zak Butters BE 23

Josh Corbett BE 26

Noah Answerth BE 30

Xavier Duursma BE 37

Tom Atkins BE 42

Jordan Clark BE 45 

Liam Baker BE 46 


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