A player that is on the “bubble” is someone who has just played his first two AFL games for the current season. After that player completes their third game, they will have their first price rise/decline. Knowing which players are on the bubble allows you to pick players who are about to have a price rise and generate some cash. The weekly ‘Bubble Boys’ article will be released every Monday. It will give you insight into the best bubble boy options and hopefully give you a better chance at making some cash.



Liam Baker FWD $162,100 AVG 89.0 BE -84 – We’ve been crying out for a forward rookie and we’ve finally got one and he’s put out some very nice scores too. But now everyone’s a bit a scared of his price tag and I say fair enough. Most will be downgrading the likes of Parker to get this guy in and it means only 60k profit. If you are bringing him in to play on field, I think you can justify him being worth it as he’s got better scoring capacity than the likes of Parker and even Petrucelle. It’s just a question of whether or not you believe he’s going to make you enough cash in the long run to warrant the trade.

Jack Ross MID $117,300 AVG AVG 72.0 BE -76 - Richmond have come out and said Cotchin might miss another few weeks, this does wonders for Jack Ross. He’s been named to face the Dees Wednesday night and I can’t see him losing his spot until the likes of Cotchin comes back in. Debut score of 87 against Port followed by a 57 against the Swans on the weekend. The kid seems to be able to find the footy with ease and one way or another that’s going to amount to Supercoach points. I don’t think many will be looking at a downgrade option in their midfield but by the off chance you are I don’t think you can go past this guy if you need to trade this week. However, if you don’t need to trade this week I wouldn’t be worried at all because Hayes and Hately made their debut for the Dogs and Giants respectively on the weekend and both performed very well. Hopefully they’ll be featuring in this article next week and we can pick them up on the bubble.


Josh Rotham DEF $123,900k AVG 77.0 BE -82 – Okay I’ll admit it, I got it wrong with Josh Rotham last week I thought he would hold his spot even with Jetta coming back in but it was not the case. HOWEVER… I’m gonna have another crack at it because Tom Barass is out with a foot problem and West Coast believe that it will NOT be a short term fix and Barass will be out for a “reasonable period of time” I am extremely confident that Rotham will come straight in and play this weekend against Geelong and hold his place for weeks to come. So all going to plan Rotham will be a downgrade option this week. If you’re considering bringing him in make sure you wait until teams are announced. If you make the trade before hand and he’s not named you won’t be able to reverse it because of the Wednesday game this week and the ANZAC Day match. EDIT: Rookie mistake in the rookie round up. Just informed that Barass didn't play for West Coast on the weekend and therefore Rotham can't actually take his place. Fingers crossed that after their defeat to Port they look to swing the axe and Rotham comes in but not as hopeful now apologies.

Jay Lockhart DEF/MID $102,400k AVG 44.5 BE -30 – Lockhart has been on the bubble for a couple of weeks now and finally gets his chance to make some cash for us. Not convinced his scoring potential is very high and I wouldn’t expect Lockhart to exceed 60-70. Also worried about his job security, the way Melbourne are going it looks like they’re going to continue to swing the axe so I think he needs to show something on Wednesday night against Richmond to hold his place in the side. But if you desperately need the cash and downgrading to this guy allows you to get the premo you want, well I don't hate it.


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