A player that is on the “bubble” is someone who has just played his first two AFL games for the current season. After that player completes their third game, they will have their first price rise/decline. Knowing which players are on the bubble allows you to pick players who are about to have a price rise and generate some cash. The weekly ‘Bubble Boys’ article will be released every Monday. It will give you insight into the best bubble boy options and hopefully give you a better chance at making some cash.


Will Hayes MID $117,300k AVG 62.5 BE -57 – Played his first game against Carlton in Round 5 and was impressive with 21 touches amounting to 70 points followed by 14 touches and a goal against Freo on the weekend for 55 points. Looks to be playing as a winger/high half forward. Slightly worried about job security as the 2 games he’s played have been defeats to Carlton and Freo, Beveridge might look to swing the axe this weekend and he could potentially be one to go out. The dogs have Richmond Saturday night so we will know by Thursday if he’s named. I think Hayes should hold his place but I don’t think he’s a must have, if you don’t need to downgrade this week then I wouldn’t be too worried about missing out on him. However, if you need to go one down to get another premo in and he is named come Thursday I think the trade is justified and worth it.

Mitch Lewis FWD $149,000k AVG 59.0 BE -31 – 14 touches 1 goal 69 points on debut against Geelong followed by just the 6 touches and 1 goal for 49 points on the weekend against Carlton. Not a massive fan of bringing Lewis in this week, at that inflated rookie price of $149,000k I’d much rather wait until next week to have a look at Larkey 75 points ($123,900k) and Corbett 55 points ($123,900k) who both debuted this week and are likely to be on the bubble next week. Despite having an iconic Hawthorn name I’m going to say steer clear of Mitchell Lewis.

Lachlan Young DEF $120,400k AVG 47.0 BE -24 – 2 pretty average scores of 42 and 52 in Young’s first two games. Might be a few looking at this guy as a downgrade option for the likes of Scrimshaw and Collins this week to free up some cash. I’m not convinced on the job security or scoring potential of Lachlan Young and we haven’t seen a whole lot from him so far. Rotham may be half a chance to get a game this weekend with West Coast suffering a heavy defeat to Geelong and Tom Cole only having the 4 touches, but for the first time in a few weeks I’m not getting my hopes up with Rotham so we will just wait for Thursday. If both are named Rotham would be my choice. If only Young is named and you desperately need to make that trade, then it’s your only option. If you can hold off till next week you might be able to bring in Noah Answerth $117,300 DEF/MID who scored 69 on the weekend for Brisbane and should be on the bubble.


Jarrod Brander FWD $135,700 AVG 35 BE 9  

James Rowbottom MID $117,300 AVG 39 BE -10

I am just going to group these two into the same category being the no pile. Scores far too low to even consider. All options listed above are far better picks and I hope no one is looking at bringing in Brander or Rowbottom this week. Nothing against the blokes I’m sure they’re good footballers with bright careers ahead of them but it’s a no for now.


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