A player that is on the “bubble” is someone who has just played his first two AFL games for the current season. After that player completes their third game, they will have their first price rise/decline. Knowing which players are on the bubble allows you to pick players who are about to have a price rise and generate some cash. The weekly ‘Bubble Boys’ article will be released every Monday. It will give you insight into the best bubble boy options and hopefully give you a better chance at making some cash.


Due to it only being the first few rounds of the season most players are technically on the bubble so for the first article of the season I have just looked at players in their first year of AFL Football.


Matthew Parker $117,300 (FWD) AVG 88 – Having put out two scores in the high 80’s this man should be an absolute lock in any forward line. Great job security, great price and is going to generate you some cash. Post JLT I was worried that he might get stuck in a forward pocket and average 10 touches a game. However, Matt Parker has certainly proved me wrong, playing most of his footy on the forward flank and getting a fair bit of the pill

Willem Drew $123,900 (MID-FWD) AVG 96.5 – There’s just something about red heads and being early boomers. This bloke is a Supercoach blessing and hopefully he can keep putting up numbers like he has in his first two games. Don’t expect him to average mid 90’s for the year but if he can be around that  80 mark, we are more than happy

Charlie Constable $123,900 (MID) AVG 84.5 – Constable is a ready-made AFL footballer and he’s been getting plenty of it. On Saturday night against the Dees he had 31 touches, unfortunately he only turned it into 84 Supercoach points. But that’s more than acceptable for a bloke playing his 2nd game. In a stacked midfield he is attending plenty of centre bounces, that says something about his job security and I think at this stage Constable is as safe as houses


Zak Butters $157,800 (MID) AVG 77.5 - Interesting first couple of games for Butters. In his first hit out for the year he only had the 13 touches but snagged 2 goals. In his second game against Carlton he got a bit more of the ball and had 22 touches and still kicked the 1 goal. He's a bit more inflated at $157,800 and if you're trading him in it's on the basis that he will outscore the likes of Tom Atkins, Michael Gibbons and Bailey Scott. From what he has shown thus far I think it's safe to say he should be able to do that and is worth the extra 30-40k

Callum Wilkie $124, 900 (DEF) AVG 54– With the likes of Hore being omitted there might be a few coach’s out there looking for a replacement. Wilkie has put out 2 scores of 70 and 38 respectively. His job security scares me however I’m not too sure who takes his place in the St Kilda team at this stage of the year. If you are strapped for cash and can’t afford the likes of Scrimshaw, Clark and Collins Wilkie could be your man. He’s a risk but I think if you’re in desperate need of a playing rookie round 3 and he is named he’s definitely not a bad shout


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