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Patrick Cripps.

Anomaly. That’s what last week was. 66, don’t think we will see that again this year. After his injury effected score of 53 last year, Cripps rebounded with 38 possessions. You just know he will be filthy with what happened last week and will return full of fire. How convenient that he runs into the Saints this week as well who he averages 139 against over his career spaning 5 games. His last two scores verse them have been 156 & 157 as well. Far too risky not to run this guy as either VC or C this week. With all the talk about his time in the midfield though, I think it may run short as some point through the year, but it won’t be this week. Not in a week where the club needs to rebound. His breakeven of 171 I think is in real danger as well.
Predicted Score: 168.


Mitch Duncan.

The Cats player who is in some serious form at the moment comes up against the Gold Coast Suns now this week. With a 3 round average of 131 and 117 & 136 in his two games verse the Suns last year. We can expect some big things against the Suns I think this season. A career average of 109.8 is the highest against any opposition teams that he faces for the rest of the season.
Predicted Score: 144


Max Gawn.

8 scores of 109 or more in a row now from Max Gawn with 2 scores 144+. Consistent as they come and pretty much as safe as houses to bring in another triple figure score. Playing GWS at the G this week where he has scored 87, 126, 126, 145 & 127 at the venue this season and boasts a career average of 105.9 against the Giants. His last two scores against the Giants have been 156 & 160. Another player who looks a tantalizing option this weekend.
Predicted Score: 142


Brodie Grundy.
167 on the Swans last season should not even be something we even need to think about. Is he not the best Super Coach player in the game at the moment? Averaging 126 for the season so far and 3 of his last 4 scores being 134+ the man is in some serious form. Grundy will just do Grundy things this week and I think we can expect another 130+ type score.
Predicted Score: 131


Patrick Dangerfield.

187. Do we remember that in round 23 last season, because that’s what he scored against the Gold Coast Suns. So much hysteria around the ‘injury’ as well this week that I think if he takes to the field there is only one way he is going to respond to all this talk and that will be with an absolute flogging of the Suns. If he plays, 30 touches, 3 goals market looks very very nice. Averages 124 against the Suns over his career 12 games against them.
Predicted Score: 149


Lachie Neale

First time up against his old side so we really have no idea about how he is going to handle the situation. But the man has been in some serious form this year averaging 131.9. Scored 4 tons in a row with 2 of those being 140+. He has had 5 scores of 140+ on the season so far from his 9 games which is incredible. So if we look at his scoring he only has one score above 110 and below 140. He just isn’t having those ‘awkward’ score games it’s either your definitely not taking his VC or you definitely do take it. This makes him the ultimate VC option in my opinion.
Predicted Score: 109


Jack Macrae

Coming up against North Melbourne this week, who like a lot of options who are typically spoken about in Choo Choo choose your captains, has a favourable draw. 153 on the Roos last year and a career average of 115.3 against them from 6 games. Scores of 132, 127, 97 & 107 at Marvel Stadium. Ultimately you want a big number from him this week or nothing at all given the number of options we have. Just on that basis it will be a no from me at this stage.
Predicted Score: 116


Marcus Bontempelli

Averages 123.1 against the Roos over his career. But nothing to special in his recent games against the Roos. 134, 87 & 115. Let’s look at his games at Marvel Stadium this season: 158, 124, 104 & 146. The teams he has played during that time have been Sydney, Gold Coast, Carlton & Richmond. Where 3 of those teams are lowly ranked. Might be an interesting selection this weekend.
Predicted Score: 138


Nat Fyfe

43 & 81 in his last two against the Brisbane Lions. Whilst injury has played a part in this I’m not sure I would be game enough to run this guy against the Lions, particularly with the options that we will have. Gee wouldn’t it be interesting to see Fyfe and Neale go head to head to almost make a statement to say, I am the top dog. We’ve seen Neale go next level at the Lions and Fyfe just continue to do Fyfe things. I think I’ll sit back and watch this one play out and not worry too much about a captain’s score during this battle.
Predicted Score: 119


Lachie Whitfield

61 & 68 in his last two games verse the Demons. Stay clear.



Top 5.

  1. Patrick Cripps

  2. Mitch Duncan

  3. Brodie Grundy

  4. Max Gawn

  5. Patrick Dangerfield

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