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Well I think it's been a good start to the year for the Bonfz Express Choo Choo Choose you captains and I think this week is going to be an absolute belter. I love so many players this week but due to time constraints I cannot fit them all in. So here is a look at a few of this weeks most popular and spoken about players from a captains sense.


Jack Macrae

I might just start calling Macrae ‘the forgotten man’. I continually ignore him in captain’s articles (continuing on from a lot of last year) however his numbers are nothing short of elite not to mention consistent. You can pencil him in probably for a 115 minimum and he serves as the perfect back up ‘C’ option every week if your running the 102K dogs ruckman Sweet. 132 & 127 in his first two games this year and now faces the Gold Coast Suns who he averages 130 against over his 7 career games against them. How the hell am I going to decide between him and Danger? Ultimately if you own Macrae I would select him just for a POD captain (if you need it in your head to head league games) and VC Danger on the Thursday night. It is really the perfect 1-2 punch. We are guaranteed a 130 from at least one of them. But I’m sensing a 140+ from the both of them.

Predicted Score: 157


Patrick Dangerfield

Evidently going to be the most popular captain selection this week and I think it is going to be a true crime if we see any number less then every single one of the 72% of coaches who own him not VC or C him this week. His history against the Crows is next level averaging a 138.4 over his 5 games against them over his carer. Fresh off 154 last week I just don’t see how you can go wrong with this selection.
Predicted Score: 141


Patrick Cripps

54 against the Swans last year will have people scared to go near him this week. Please remember Cripps played that game with the entire factory warehouse of tape around his quad last season. However lets pay more attention to his previous four outings against the swans where he has averaged 108 in those four games. Including a high score of 137. I genuinely think Carlton are going to win this game and in games Carlton won last year Cripps scored: 111 (wet weather game) & 173. Could be something big this week. Handy back up to Dangerfield.
Predicted Score: 129


Max Gawn

Many believed Gawn returned to form last week just like his little rover mate Clayton, probably off the back of a 116, however I wont be getting to sucked into it as of yet. He had 53 hit outs in the game and only scored 116. Anyone considering Gawn should stay clear for the time being. I’m not even going to assess his history against opponent, at the MCG etc because I don’t want to get sucked into it. Just stay clear for now.
Predicted Score: 110


Clayton Oliver
High score of 108 in his career against the bombers with a career average of just 85.7. That’s concerning given his averaged over 110 in the past 2 seasons and he has only played 3 seasons of football. What that says to me is, he doesn’t typically line up well against the Dons. I do think Melbourne are going to be better this week and I do think Oliver will have around 30 touches. Just not convinced at this point in time that he is VC or C worthy this week.
Predicted Score: 102


Nat Fyfe
Up against the Saints, which many believe would be awesome. But I’m staying clear this week. Career average of 84.9 against the Saints with a high score of 126 from 7 games.  Despite his start to the year, I did speak about how he lines up so well against those opponents and those scores would only be relevant for overall points scorers and not for those competing in league games. If I was an owner I would be staying well clear.

Predicted Score: 119

Lachie Neale

All the accolades in the world came his way last week. However off the back of his 43 touches last week (16 contested), 7 marks and 6 tackles his score of 140 was simply not enough for me. Its not like he butchered the ball either he went at 79% and also had 8 clearances on the day. Not to mention a heap of ball in the last quarter which was scaled accordingly. I just can’t be backing Neale to replicate the stats again. Probably seeing a score in the low 100’s form him this week.
Predicted Score: 108




Top 5

1. J. Macrae

2. P. Dangerfield

3. P. Cripps

4. N., Fyfe

5. J.Lloyd

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