Jack Macrae
Hasn’t set a foot wrong so far this season. 3 scores of 132, 127 & 139 to start the year you will be very happy paying top dollar for him to start the year. Up against the pies this week who he averages 97.8 against over his 6 games in his career. What I like here is the form of the Bont and Libba. I think this will mean that Macrae will escape the Greenwood tag and will urn straight to Bont however the Pies do have a lot of high scoring midfielders which I think always make it tough to captain an opposition midfielder, just purely because there is a set amount of allocated points to dish out per game. Only had 102 against the Pies last year as well. I think there are better options this week and that’s where I’ll be looking if I had Macrae.


Jake Lloyd
LLLLLLLLLLOOOOYYDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Gee not even I was this optimistic about him to start this season however his average of 128 to start the season will no longer be neglected when it comes time to have a look at some captain options. His more important than ever this week aswell given a lot of teams out there are using Sweet (WBD) as their loophole option in the ruck. This means for those teams they may only have Sydney and Melbourne players to choose from for their loophole and their might not be a better option then Lloyd. 131, 124 & 130 are all very respectable scores but they all also fall into that ‘awkward’ score bracket because you’d back a few options this week to cover those numbers, however not taking a score like that as a VC has me wondering whats the point of the VC if you’re not going to take a number like that. That’s my only hesitancy this week with Lloyd because I’m going to hate that awkward decision on Thursday night/Friday morning. Only has a top score of 117 against the Dees in his career with an average of 73.4 against them. 63, 88 & 117 are his last 3 against them, keeping in mind the 117 was last year when Lloyd was actually Super Coach relevant. For me at this stage anyway, I’m probably going to give it a miss.
Predicted Score: 121


Patrick Cripps
This is an absolute given like most other weeks but even more so here. Comes up against a midfield that is not getting a lot of recognition (Gold Coast Suns) in the Super Coach community, however are managing to scrounge together wins. That midfield won’t be stopping Patrick Cripps though. The last time Carlton won a game it was against the Gold Coast Suns. In that game Cripps scored 173. We will probably see that replicated this weekend. Last 3 scores of 126, 116 & 157 to have his average at 133 for the season. 
Predicted Score: 162


Brodie Grundy
Don’t think Grundy was too happy with all the ‘Super Coach Sooks’ that started having a go at him after round 1, and probably stuck it up those teams that traded him with his 137 & 132 in the last fortnight. Up against the Dogs now who have the 100kg monster Tim English in the ruck. English has given up scores of 99 (Sinclair, 44 Hitouts), 104 (McEvoy, 31 Hitouts) & 70 (Wiits, 53 Hitouts). The actual SuperCoach numbers have not been huge, but I think the Hitout numbers have been and that’s where Grundy might get a few more points this week. 28 & 40 over the last two weeks have been his numbers so I think he might be able to crack the 40+ again this week and I think that will do wonders for his score on the weekend.
Predicted Score: 131


Patrick Dangerfield
You can’t go wrong with Danger as an option and it’s fair to assume that I will have his name ‘green’ every match this season. Scores of 97, 154 & 128 this season have meant the most popularly owned player in the game is doing exactly what we thought he would do. He returns to Kardinia Park this week where he scored 154 two weeks back and plays a team (GWS) who he averages 128.2 against over his career. 108, 196 & 163 against GWS in his last 3 matches. I kinda think you don’t want to be missing 2/3 of those scores so if you have the loophole set up nicely this week and take the risk somewhere else with the VC, Danger should produce the goods by running the C with him.
Predicted Score: 133


Lachie Neale
Well I stuffed this one up last week didn’t I. 177 holy crap! In fairness he had about 50+ in the last ten minutes which is unlikely to happen again this season. But scores of 127, 140 & 177 is something from out of this world. His average at the moment is 148. WOW! If you have him you would almost have to be insane not to run the VC or C on him this week because this patch of form is insane! Lines up against Essendon to now who his averaged 108.6 against over his career (8 Games). There are only 3 teams he has a higher average against. His current form is enough to warrant a risk, so go for it if you like it.
Predicted Score: 121


Travis Boak
Now you probably heard me on the Podcast speak about a back flanker being potentially touted as a top 5 option given the history of back flankers vs the tigers so far this year. Newman (134), Crisp (123) & Whitfield (152). They key with this is just purely the amount of marks taken by these players during these games and I can see Boak floating into free space around the ground, racking up the touches. I don’t have the stones to select a back flanker for Port to be a 130+ type scorer this week however if I was taking someone like that it would probably be someone like Darcy Byrne Jones, or even Duursma who had 9 marks in round 2 and took 11 in the second JLT game. Realistically we aren’t going to speak about these players as genuine options however I do think there is something in it.  Arguably the best SC option in the league right now with scores of 119, 123 & 136. A permanent role now in this midfield and a career average of 102.7 there isn’t much wrong with treating Boak as a VC option. Richmond is also the only team Boak has an average of over 100 points against  just weird having to speak about this guy as an option given we really didn’t give him much love at all. Genuinely now he has to be considered in this space, considering his history against the Tigers.
Predicted Score: 139


Max Gawn
116 & 126 in his last two weeks is a lot more respectable than the 87 he posted in the first week. Now his walking into a Sydney line up where he has a high score of 116 and a career average if 91.5 over his career against the Swans. This info here should be enough for you to avoid him. However with Sweet as some team’s only viable VC option we may see a lot of teams with the VC on him this week. Personally, I think it’s a waste but hey if you have no one else … then you kind of have to run with it.
Predicted Score: 106

FYI: Also no mention of Nat Fyfe this week given I am anticipating he will miss this weekends game. 




         Top 5.

  1. Patrick Cripps

  2. Patrick Dangerfield

  3. Travis Boak

  4. Lachie Neale

  5. Brodie Grundy

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