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Brodie Grundy
You’ve got to love what he is producing so far this year. Scores of 137, 132 & 160 in his last 3 matches and now comes up against the Brisbane Lions. Historically Grundy has been consistent against the Lions with a high score of 123 from 6 games and an average of 103.3. As you may have heard on the podcast the concern with the matchup this week just seems to be the points the Lions have given up against the Lions. In the first four games the Lions have conceded 36, 66, 49 & 39 against ruckman in each game. For each of those ruckman that is their lowest score of the year. Pay particular attention to the 66 which was scored by Goldy because that was his only score sub 100 for the year. Grundy’s low score currently sits at 81 so we would be real annoyed if he follows the trend and has a season low score this week. I’m reserved on Grundy this week, however I know a fair few of you will still back him in purely because his a beast.
Predicted Score: 98


Patrick Cripps
126, 116, 157 & 169. The unstoppable irresistible force. I don’t think I will go a week this year without having this guy in the top 2 options. What an animal. Season average of 142 and now comes up against a Dogs outfit who have one of the best midfield groups in the competition. The negative with Cripps this week might just be the pure number of players on the field who could execute a 130+ score. The reality is, is that he is the only one from Carlton, with the exception of Sam Walsh who is capable of doing so ;).  Scores of 143 & 106 on them last season, brings out a little more confidence though. Cripps played 8 games at Marvel Stadium last year without dropping underneath 106 and has played there once this year for a score of 157. You can guarantee triple figures this week.
Predicted Score: 132


Lachie Neale
If Cripps isn’t the form Super Coach player of the competition than this guy certainly is. Averaging 146 for the year with scores of 127, 140, 177 & 140. That is insane when you think that only 1 of his scores this season has been below 140! He comes up against the Pies who have only conceded 1 score above 120 for the entire season to their opposition and that was Bontempelli’s 127 last weekend. Huge concerns this weekend, as we know the Pies have a lot of ‘good scoring’ players and this is the thing that makes them a threat when looking for a VC or C option. I’m confident that Neale can scrounge his way to triple figures again, but with Dayne Beams unlikely to play this may open the door for Levi Greenwood. If this was to eventuate, I certainly would not be taking the risk in selecting him. However if there is no Greenwood, than this would become a good option.
Predicted Score: 117


Jack Macrae
Think this guy is so underrated in the Super Coach community currently when you think about the landscape and the types of scores that are being scored by the 3 players mentioned above. But he has started the year with scores of 132, 127, 139 & 110. What I love most about these scores is this is exactly what you are paying for with him and there is no real ‘outlier’ in that, which is dramatically affecting his average of 127 at this stage. Expect another 3 figures, expect it to be in the 120’s and this is one of the safer options you can select. You do need to consider though, do you take the safety of Macrae or do you go for the ceiling of Cripps. The only negative thing about the fixture this week is you can’t run a dogs VC into the C of Cripps. Macrae has a career average of 113 against the Blues with scores of 141 and 110 on them last season.
Predicted Score: 129


Marcus Bontempelli
If Macrae isn’t the most underrated Super Coach player out there than this guy certainly is. Scores of 158, 97, 124 & 127 and an average of 126, I think the Bont could be the player that might be able to rival Cripps for top scorer in that game this weekend. He has had scores of 145 & 124 on the Blues last season, which if you compare that to what Cripps and Macrae last season when they faced each other, the Bont outscored them both in both games last season. A very interesting point of difference captain option this week. Would I have the balls to do it? Certainly not, but there may be a few of you out there that have a larger set of stones than I do. Bont has scored 158 & 124 in his two games at Marvel Stadium this year and he finished the season in 2018 with scores of 134 & 124 at Marvel Stadium.
Predicted Score: 148.


Patrick Dangerfield
How disappointing was this last week. I know I certainly didn’t think this was possible. A low score of 66. What the Hell! The hesitancy has now arrived with pumping this guy up, which is actually really hard to do when you consider his opponent this week. Career average of 121 from 12 games against the Hawks is out of this world. In a season where he had 8 scores of 130+, 2 of them came against the Hawks with 130 & 160 on them last season.  If we go back one more year he also had scores of 90 & 141. 3 out of 4 of those scores are certainly captain worthy! I think we would all feel a lot more comfortable if he had an earlier game this week because we would all be throwing the VC on him, but given the fixture this might become a handy point of difference if your searching for one in your league game this weekend.
Predicted Score: 134


Jake Lloyd
If there is one week you’re going to do Jake Lloyd this year and let’s face it as a VC than I think this is when we pull the trigger. For those who read my articles every week you woulda have seen all the stats about the marks the Tigers give up particularly to half back flankers. Take a look at last weeks article if you need refreshing and then also keep in mind that the Tigers gave up another 2 big scores to Boak and Rockliff last weekend. At Marvel Stadium this season Lloyd hasn’t scored below 130 and with a season average of 123.5 I don’t think there is a more logical VC selection this week (if you have Setterfield/Sweet to utilise as a loophole). His most recent game against the Tigers produced a score of 136. Absolute certainty for me.
Predicted Score: 160

Max Gawn
To date Gawn hasn't lit up the Super Coach world and his game last week was probably deserving of a 140+ and not a 113 but he gets the chance to come up against one of the more popularly spoken about players, certainly on our podcast anyway, Rowan Marshall. The clinic Gawn might be able to put on with his ruck work might just be insane. However he did have over 50 Hitouts last week and didnt score 120. This was including the fact he was able to take intercept marks down the line, with the addition of Preuss in the team meaning Gawn could play that kick behind the ball. Just don;t have confidence in pure big numbers from Gawn this week. I think he's going to have a good game and certainly dominate the ruck but we haven't seen that translate to points for the big fella to this point in the season. This one is my adventurous pick of the week, because if he gets the Super Coach love that he probably deserves we could see a 150. Did score 127 & 145 on the Saints last season. Might just be a matter of which Melbourne side is going to rock up?
Predicted Score: 129


Nat Fyfe
Shortest captains insight for a player ever coming up. Returning from concussion. Matt De Boer playing for the opposition. Stay clear.
Predicted Score: 96

Top 5

1. Patrick Cripps

2. Jake Lloyd

3. Marcus Bontempelli

4. Jack Macrae

5. Patrick Dangerfield

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