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Patrick Cripps

110 & 93 in the last two weeks has me relatively angry with this guy right about now and I will tell you what. If he can’t turn this form around against North than me and Crippa are gonna have some serious issues with one another. I dropped him from the top 5 all together last week in the hope it might stir him up and have him bouncing back and I almost left him out again this week just to send a message to ultimately every player out there. 116 is his career high score against North. If he doesn’t set a new high score against them this week, then seriously Crippa look out. Marvel Stadium is his saving grace this week scores of 157 & 110 there this season have me feeling he can split the difference and go 130. But please Cripps, just get it done.

Predicted Score: 131


Jack Macrae

What role are we going to see this week. Can Bevo just throw him back into the midfield for heavens sake. 97 & 85 in his last two would automatically put you in the camp of no chance for a VC or C but his matchup this week against the Tigers I just cant ignore. They’ve given up a lot of big scores all season and there’s no reason why Macrae cant come out and feast on the Tigers with a lot of uncontested marking across the midfield and half back regions. His career average of 116.5 against the Tigers is also tempting as is the fact he has already posted scores of 132 & 139 at Marvel Stadium this season. Add that to the 163 he scored on the Tigers last season and I think we can forgive the last two weeks and go for it on Macrae this week. Who knows maybe 3rd time lucky?

Predicted Score: 132


Brodie Grundy

Imagine if you were part of the group that traded this guy out after week 1. Since Round 1 Grundy has averaged 132.6 with 4 of his last 5 scores being 130+ which includes a big 160 against the Dogs. Couple this with the fact his average of 103.3 against Port Adelaide is one of the 5 teams Grundy has a career average of 100+ on. Gonna be an awesome spectacle this week and I think having Grundy as your VC/C will just give that game a little dash of seasoning to make it an absolute must watch match of the week.
Predicted Score: 141


Max Gawn

Finally! Spoke previously about my lack of trust in him until he can show us once again that he can have those big scores and he did that last week. Now I have to be careful not to try and chase captain points from last week and keep it relevant to this week. However the 145 he scored last week boosted his average to 118 and now gives me the confidence to really start considering him again. 4 career games against the Hawks for a low score of 112 and a high of 168 and an overall average of 128.3. Off the back of the 145 last week how can we not take the punt on Max this week. 5/6 scores this year have been tons with 3 scores 120+. With McEvoy under an injury cloud this week to big Max might just assert his dominance in the air once again.

Predicted Score: 138


Patrick Dangerfield
He only averages less per game against one other team in the competition. When you combine that with the plethora of high scoring players the Cats have and his scores this season (3 under 100) I’m very conservative when it comes to Dangerfield and captain selection. Interestingly enough Danger hasn’t had a score below 127 when he has cracked the ton this year (154, 128 & 127). So if he scores 100’s he scores then big however 3/6 hundreds mean this becomes a risk vs reward option. I think what tips this a little more to the negative side is the fact Dangers last 4 scores vs the Bombers have been 114, 112, 99 & 99. I’m not predicting great things here.

Predicted Score: 98


Jake Lloyd

Copped some attention last week, which really hampered him up until ¼ time however he moved out of that slight slump quickly and raced away to bring up his 6th century of the year from 6 games. The only player in the league so far to notch up 100 points in every single game this season. This is not so much an article write up about Jake Lloyd but more of an appreciation post, because he really isn’t spoken about enough and appreciated for the Super Coach output he has displayed this season.  Only owned in 32% of teams is quite staggering and I think people should be moving to bring him into their teams very quickly. 118, 106 and 71 in his last 3 vs the Lions doesn’t set the world on fire, but you bet we will see triple figures again and I think he will relish the ‘freedom’ of not having a guy running with him this week. He could really be anything this week, but common sense does suggest it will be more around the 110 mark.

Predicted Score: 111


Nat Fyfe

We have announced him that he should be everyone’s #1 target to bring in this week and priced at 564K its going to be bloody hard to say no! with 3 of his 5 scores this season being 120+ and the fact he lines up against the Crows who he averages the most against has him an absolute lock. You can also factor in that given my lack of DPP I will be unable to bring him in this week and he will definitely punish me for that. Just think for a moment how this game is going to pan out on the weekend and who will remotely stand near Fyfe. The Crouch boys? Sloane? Gibbs? Atkins? Honestly Fyfe is a monster as compared to all of these players so I can really just see him dominating the clearances and dominating the air around the Ground. This could be something special this week.

Predicted Score: 162


Lachie Neale:

You almost have to lock this guy in for a 127 every week. He has had 127+ in 5 out of his 6 games this season. Unbeleivable. But will Hewett go to him? We haven’t see to this date how he will go with the tag should he ever receive one, but im a little more of the opinion that teams will still choose to run with Zorko. Just purely because of his pace and his ability to hurt you on the counter. This will be a huge test this week because if this is one of the few weeks of the year you have to be concerned by a potential tag. However if his not tagged you lock in the 140. This will come down to your decision. I personally am not gonna risk a C on him because of the potential tag but the VC is certainly worth it, because if their isn’t a tag you can bank the 140 or you can go for a C option if his score is not up to standard. This will probably require a last minute decision on game day

Predicted Score: 142 (without tag), 111 (with tag).


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