Lachie Neale
I’m going to start off by telling you everything I have been telling you for weeks and that is he only has one score above 115 and below 140. So if you are looking at captaining someone on Sunday then this is an automatic selection …. But is it really automatic this week? Gawn plays before Neale and we will get to that later. Long story short, he is not a straight C option in my opinion. 118, 117 & 118 in his last 3 against the Saints show some fine consistency. My concern would be that he only has a top score of 123 against them in his career, but we have seen him set new high scores on opponents this year so why not another one Lachie.
Predicted Score: 124


Max Gawn
I am so in love with the fact this guy has now returned to the number one super coach player in the game. Everything has been so much about Grundy but please respect the beard. What an animal this guy is: 3 round average of 153.3 & a 5 round average of 142.6. Let me actually name for you e very score he has scored this year and you might start respecting him just that little bit more: 87, 116, 126, 113, 126, 145, 127, 109, 144.149, 158 & 153. Oh maxy, stop it! With his two recent scores against the Dockers of 151& 141, I will be very angry at anyone that didn’t VC or C this guy this weekend. What an absolute lock for number one this week. The real funny bit is he comes up against Sean Darcy (if he is even fit) imagine all those contested marks and possessions around the ground. Don’t forget he had 30+ on Grundy the last time he played a game of footy.
Predicted Score: 167


Brodie Grundy
There is that much of an injury cloud around this guys ankle and now head, I mean I actually don’t know what to expect right now from him. Well that’s a lie I expect him to line up because he seems pretty tough and durable, however I really don’t know what he will produce from a Super Coach perspective. The week off could have only done him some good though I would have thought. He scored his second 80 of the season last week against Gawn but everything else has been insanely good with his four games leading into that were: 124, 165, 144 & 141. Did score a 151 on the Dogs in his only game against them last season. For me I’ll play it safe and no utilise him this week, but his score shouldn’t be horrendous.
Predicted Score: 115


Josh Dunkley
I feel compelled to write about him now. I mean considering I did it last week and then he came out and produced a 173. In the words of Shane Crawford … THAT’S WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. Now the reality is after a guy smashes a score as high as that invariably his next game will never meet the lofty expectations we place on him. So I’m gonna go conservative with him and say he will be good for a 120 this weekend. Which isn’t that unrealistic if we look now at his last 5 scores. 5 of his last 6 have now been 119 or more. Of those five games his second low score has been 130 and we obviously now his high score of 173 game last weekend. The role is there and Libba is gone. Hopefully we can see some higher scoring from this absolute machine. He will be a popular option this week given what happened last week but in the interest of being a little unique, I would stay clear and go with another one of the options in the top 5.
Predicted Score: 127.


I’m not convinced he is back just yet. Give me one more reason to trust you Jack.
Predicted Score: 110


Another week went by and another 120+ score for Fyfe. Feel like I’m saying this most weeks now but underrated captain option every single week. 6 of his last 7 games have seen scores of 124+ which I think you just take every day of the week. The unlucky thing is he plays in the same game as Max Gawn and their will be no way I’m condoning a VC or C on Fyfe over Gawn this week. Sorry Fyfey but not this week purely based on matchup.
Predicted Score: 122


One score underneath 101 all season. What an incredible effort from this guy. Uber consistent but realistically is not showing the sealing we want to see to justify a captain selection. He has 6 scores above 120 for the season and they have come in little spurts, the first 3 games of the year and 3 of his last 4 games is where those scores have been. So a lot of lower hundreds every other week. Not bad scores but not the kind of guy I want to use my captain option on. Some of you may think differently though and that’s okay because he will probably score triple figures for you again this week. If you’re going to ever do it, it may as well be this week though. 149 & 130 in his last two games vs the Hawks. He is also one of the rare players that plays before Max Gawn who I believe to be the safest C option this week …
Predicted Score: 136


Patrick Dangerfield
130 & 149 in his last two games this year and 135, 163 & 137 in his last 3 vs Port, fresh off the Byes I reckon this might spell some good things for ‘Dangerz’. He provides a ‘safe’ alternative should something happen to big Max Gawn this weekend and he doesn’t produce the goods. To be fair to Danger though I don’t think anyone will run him unless their VC fails and potentially this is a guy you can turn to, to try win your league game this week. We all know his potential to whip out a 160+ is better than most players to ever play the game. Realistically we won’t be using him though. Would have been a lot better if he played before Gawn did this week because that would have been an awesome combo to run!
Predicted Score: 131


Top 5:

  1. Max Gawn

  2. Nat Fyfe

  3. Jake Lloyd

  4. Patrick Dangerfield

  5. Josh Dunkley

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