Angus Brayshaw


Position: Mid

2019 Starting Price: $526,900

2018 Avg. 97.1

2018 End Price: $521,800

High Score: 130 (Rd 10 Adelaide)

Low Score 60 (Rd 12 Collingwood)


This article is designed for those who love to live life a little different, for those who don’t always kick down the guts, those who love handballing out of defence, those who always think outside the centre square!


Not invited to the Brownlow and sneaking in for a third, that’s the kind of season we seen from Brayshaw in 2018, Underrated!

This isn’t the umpires award though this is supercoach and the mid who has never averaged 100 is now being seriously considered after an amazing start to his 2019 campaign with two scores over 100 in the JLT.

JLT 1 – 1000+ metres gained, 37 disposals (28 kicks), 11 marks and 111 Supercoach points from 69% Time on ground.

JLT 2 – 26 disposals, 11 tackles, 3 goals and 126 supercoach points from 74% time on ground.

One would argue BOG for both games and if this was round 1 could be the front runner for the brownlow medal early!

Fact is its not and I think we still must think about the output. JLT for example if you were to read those numbers to me on paper without the SC score attached id be assuming a core of 150+ on the flip side of the coin the fact that Brayshaw has clearly matured and is capable of games like this its probably not too far away until we see his top score of 130 smashed!


Taking things pretty serious this year Angus Brayshaw and Clayton Oliver have challenged themselves off “sugar” and attached is an extract from a conversation with Clayton explaining why

"Me and 'Gussy' Brayshaw, our diets are usually pretty good, but we decided to cut out sugar for the pre-season,"

"We've got a little bit of a bet on to see who can hold out the longest for not eating chocolate, soft drink or any sugar.

"(It's been) since day one because we've wanted to get our 'skinnies' down, which is pretty important and keep your muscle-to-weight ratio higher. Hopefully the lower skinnies, the better.

"They've (skinfolds) been the best they've been so it's obviously worked a fair bit. (I'm) running real well and so is Gussy, Gussy's flying."


Splits Splits Splits I love to do them, they always look good lets breakdown Bradshaw’s season and how/ why do we think this can continue.

Over the first 10 games he averaged 86.9 can’t forget we had him as a defender last year so that’s not overly disappointing, it’s the back 9 that would’ve had anyone who took the risk licking their lips.

It’s the last 9 games though, the 108.33 run home average he had that seen him fly home in the Brownlow, and the last 4 games scored 115, 116, 115 & 116 – pair that up with his 2 JLT games his last 6 games Brayshaw is averaging 116.5 can this continue?



  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for disposals

  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for clearances

  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for uncontested possessions

  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for contested possessions

  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for metres gained

  • Ranked 2nd at Melbourne for groundball gets

  • Finished 3rd in the Brownlow medal

  • Ranked 1st for using his non-dominant foot when producing a high kick efficiency rating




I constantly ramble on about top of the ladder teams being able to produce multiple players in the top 10, I wouldn’t be surprised come seasons end if Melbourne finished top and both Clarry and Gus found their way in there.


I think he’s under-priced I truly do and offers great value however I’m linking him with a 5% chance to finish top 10 and at the moment I don’t think I’m willing to spend a midfield spot on a player I don’t believe is going to be featured in the top 10 come season end.

If you enjoy playing the game for a bit of fun and you love a pod take the risk.

If you think he’s a serious chance for top 10 this year I wouldn’t try and talk you out of the pick – just be cautious.

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