Jayden Short

Position: Def


2019 Starting Price: $465,600

2018 Avg. 85.8

2018 End Price $429,800

High Score: 114 (Round 18 St Kilda)

Low Score 74 (Round 7 Fremantle)


This article is designed for those who love to live life a little different, for those who don’t always kick down the guts, those who love hand balling out of defense, those who always think outside the centre square!



Jayden Short not everyone first picked defender however one I really don’t mind him as a POD, every year we have players elevate their game to the next level, last year we were blessed with Sicily and Lloyd and now I’m going to let you know why this could be the yea of the Tiger.


If you’ve listened to the Top 10 cross over pod you’d know I had him slipping in at #8 as my “predicted def” come years end, he’s one I’m monitoring closely, we know I’ve mentioned in the last 4 years we’ve had 2 players form each top of the table team finish in the Top 10 overall (Richmond only team not to do this) now I’m not saying I see Jayden being a top 10 overall player but we’ve got statistical data suggesting that the better a team performs the better the SC output (no brainer)

Taking an average of 4.27 kick in’s a game with a boooooming right foot, I can’t see him being taken off kick ins and that’ll help the average trend upwards with the new kick in rules.

Short ranked 19th for total turnovers last season a number I expect to go down, he’s a lovely user of the ball on both sides of the body.  You could probably atone this to the fact that he ranked #1 for metres gained per game in the AFL.



  • Ranked 1st metres game (per game)

  • Ranked 18th rebound 50’s (per game)

  • Ranked 10th total rebound 50’s

  • Ranked 11th bounces per game

  • Ranked 13th total kicks

  • Ranked 6th total bounces


Champion Data:

  • Ranked 1st of all general defenders for metres gained per game

  • Ranked equal 1st for defensive score involvements per game (1.6)

  • Ranked elite for score involvements and goals for general defender

  • Ranked average for interceptions per game


There is so much Rory Laird to Shorts game and I’ve looked at the numbers of both players over their career spans to see if there is any underlying factors that may suggest its break out time for short


Laird / Short:

1st season:

Games played 18  –  SC Avg 69  –  Disposals 18.5

Games played 16  –  SC Avg 63.1  –  Disposals 14.9


2nd season:

Games played – 16 – SC Avg 59.1 – Disposals 15.9

Games played 16  –  SC Avg 58.2  –  Disposals 14.8


3rd season:

Games played 22  –  SC Avg 93.8  –  Disposals 24.4

Games played 22  –  SC Avg 85.8  –  Disposals 20


4th season:

Games played 19  –  SC Avg 96.8  –  Disposals 27.4




I’m not suggesting that he is going to take his game to the “Laird” level, however Short is one I love and seriously would be shocked if he didn’t continue to improve, monitor closely over the JLT may be primed and ready to break out


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