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Welcome to Corey’s rendition of Chooo Chooo Choose your Captain



Now I won’t be putting in the usual non-sense Bonfz puts in for me it’s short, sharp, direct and correct


Patrich Cripps


– well I cant believe im even featuring anyone else besides (Grundy and Gawn) however you cant ignore previous scores of 173 and 169 against the Suns.

Do we take into account that both these scores were at Metricon Stadium?

Crippsa last two at Marvel vs GC have been 77 and 108……..

Projected Score: 138


The Trusted Duo (Gawn and Grundy)


Should just stop here -  These guys are a different bread since rd. 1 a lowest combined score of 126.

And with Gawn on a Naitanui less WCE the man is going to feast


Projected Score:

Grundy: 127

Gawn: 135





  1. Cripps

  2. Gawn

  3. Grundy

  4. Sloane

  5. Zorko



Honourable mention from Bonfz – Reilly O’Brien

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