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Welcome to a more in depth “Corey’s Ruck Captains Takeover”

Where I spin more viable and reliable than the Bonfz Express.

As always short, sharp, direct and correct!



Brodie Grundy:


Last time these two met Grundy put up 137 on a Thursday night all the way back in round 2 – coming off his lowest score of the season the previous week and a lot of disrespect from the community!

Now if you choose to be an absolute imbecile and for whatever reason you choose to not VC Grundy than you sir are a complete “Tossa”

Predicted Score: 148


Todd Goldstein:


Right now the Gawn to Goldstein trade that people made a couple of weeks ago has you a winner, and you can’t disregard form!

3 round average of 134.7 and a 5 round of 126.4 and that’s with a 97 at the back end.

Honestly its been one of the most underrated season on paper and right now you’d be comfortable him coming up against the big boys – its not a huge ceiling but like the others it’s a safe score you’d be happy to take.

Predicted Score: 121


Max Gawn:



This is the matchup of the round – forget Saints vs Melbourne, its Gawn vs Marshal baby!

It’s an 18-year-old Lebron coming up against Kobe, It’s Manning vs Brady, Bonfz vs Corey, 

Ones at the peak of their powers and the other is envious to get there!


The big dog is going to feast,  I feel for all who own Marshall as he may just be picking up the scraps.

Predicted Score: 137


Josh Dunkley:


Honestly don’t care what anyone think this man is the best midfielder in the Dog’s team – Bonfz has gone Bont but I’m going the man who has close to the most well-rounded game in the AFL!!  DUNKS!!

Tackles, kicks goals, racks the pill it baffles me this man gets ignored each week.

127 last week and 202 the week before, regardless of a win or loss Dunkley is there!  Interesting discussion next year comes down to whether anyone will be brave enough to start the Dogs star.

Im putting him down for another blinder in a dogs win!

Predicted Score: 152


Patrick Dangerfield:


Another man in outstanding form and a player who could storm home come that Monday night the week before the GF!

Back in the midfield and back to putting the team on his shoulder!

Already dropping a 130 on the Swans in round 11 I expect him to go large again.


Predicted Score:130


BONFZ TOP 5 (yuk)


hung over.PNG