A player that is on the “bubble” is someone who has just played his first two AFL games for the current season. After that player completes their third game, they will have their first price rise/decline. Knowing which players are on the bubble allows you to pick players who are about to have a price rise and generate some cash. The weekly ‘Bubble Boys’ article will be released every Monday. It will give you insight into the best bubble boy options and hopefully give you a better chance at making some cash.


Sydney Stack MID $102,400k AVG 74.0 BE -88 – A massive debut for Sydney Stack with a nice 108 followed by a 40 at the weekend against Port Adelaide. Stack is being played as a medium sized defender mostly running off the half back flank. At the base rookie price this guy is a perfect downgrade option. Only thing i'm not too sure about is how many games we are going to get out of him. With Jayden Short out for another 6-7 weeks you’d hope that Stack could lockdown a position in the back 6 at Richmond. Coming off a win on the weekend means I don’t think he will get dropped this weekend and it will just depend on how he performs in weeks to come. Even if he only does play another 1-3 games, he’s still going to generate you a decent amount of cash.

Josh Rotham DEF $123,900k AVG 77.0 BE -82 – I really like this one and I don’t think you’re going to want to miss out on Josh Rotham. Started off with a 56 in his first game and then pulled a 98 against Freo on the weekend. Hes 21 so he’s got three years in the system behind him and he loves to kick the footy, they don't mind giving it to him either. I’m confident that Rotham has cemented a spot in West Coast’s side and they don’t really have anyone coming back that could put his spot in jeopardy.

Marty Hore DEF $117,300k AVG 72.0 BE -75 – Most teams might have had this bloke from the start as he played round 1 but was yet to reappear until the weekend when he was a late in for the Dees. Ended up putting out a lovely 86 and looked solid. Loves an intercept mark and seems to get himself in good positions to take them. If you don’t have him already, he’s certainly a viable downgrade option. However, this is one I am worried about the job security of. He didn’t play too badly in his first game and Melbourne still dropped him, they also have the likes of Lewis and May to come back soon as well as Jake Lever later in the year. If I were choosing out of Rotham and Hore unless you desperately need the 6k I would be going with Rotham for the simple fact that I believe he has better job security and might be able to make you more cash in the long run.


Shane Mumford RUC $320,200 AVG 101.0 BE – 15 – THE PHOENIX HAS RISEN. In saying that I wouldn’t be downgrading the likes of Gawn and Grundy to get him. If you had a bit of a different set up and started one of the big boys and then a cheaper ruckman then Mummy is your man.  Looks like he hasn’t missed a beat and has put out two very attractive supercoach scores. If you are going to get him, now is your best chance because after this week he is going to shoot up and will be in the 400’s before you know it. I am a little worried that he may miss games here and there, with a more than capable back up ruckman in Dawson Simpson I don’t think they will hesitate to rest the phoenix if he needs one. The Mummy pick is very dependent on the set up of your team and if it works for your side he’s definitely back and relevant. Top 4 on average for the year in my opinion.


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