Jul 2, 2018

Congratulations on the site.


Congrats and best of luck with growing the new site.

Introducing myself - SC plodder, longtime listener, first time caller. Highest overall rank was about 36 ( v early in a season!) Usually have a great start to seasons and fall right back in the pack :|

Love your pod discussions and insights, love the twitter feeds of all the team. Can't wait to have a proper trawl through the site and hopefully actually improve my team.

Jul 2, 2018

Thanks Wends! Greatly appreciated

Jul 3, 2018

Legend Weds appreciate the kind words


Couldn’t do it without such a wonderful community

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  • Hey Community, Thought I'd jump on here and say G'Day. First year apart of the elites community and no surprise, my best year yet. Currently sitting just outside the top 1000 and want to sneak inside the top 500! Great community led by Corey and Bonfz! Keep up the awesome work boys!
  • Doesnt everyone love a cold froffy! G'Day Everyone, Im Ben, Been playing SC for about 7 years but the last 2 years pretty seriously with cash leagues. Currently ranked 1700ish overall and 8-1 in my cash leagues. Love the podcast and all the questions from the community! Looking forward to starting to join in with this massive community! Cheers
  • Hey guys Love the podcast pure quality I have been playing sc for about 5 yrs I'm currently placed in the 1700's Dropped a little in past 2 weeks after being placed as high as 527th Cheers and looking fwd to talking some sc not many of mates play due to being in nsw Keep up the good work and Bonfz keep calling a spade a spade


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