Jun 23

Rd 15 Podcast Questions


The byes have come and gone and now we get ready for rd 15.


Post any questions below, photos and feedback help!

Jun 23





Hey boys, love Ya work. long time listener, not quite my first question thou. Just wondering who out of Hind, Naish and Logue do you recommend picking up? I’m thinking of doing Naish and Hind for Duursma and Answorth this week. So I can double up the following week. But this’ll mean keeping the donkey that is Noah Balta for even longer than anyone wants. Other option is only get one of the rookies this week and get Balta upto Boak. Open to other suggestions if you see a major flaw in my team. #Bonfzflog PS. Any chance Brett is going to come back, way better pod with him on


Logue and Hind best JS... 4-6 coming back for the tiges this week and as a tigers man unfortunately that doesnt look good for Naish. Id double down this week as those two will go big cash this week and cant waste that. Answerth and duursma downgrade. 17 trades left is alot.. 9 rounds left including finals you will just use them all if you make any finals... double upgrade parker and noah next week

Gday Corey and Bonaphile


The big wench has gotten right into me the past couple of weeks, funnily enough, even with Ed Richards and Jake Kelly in my side, im miles ahead of him.

Richards I took at the start of the year as I expected him to be a good pod that literally nobody would have... turns out, nobody did have him and he’s as good as having ya toe on a hill.


this week I am thinking of moving him and Marty Hore on to Clayton Oliver and Callum mills.

Yay or nay?


ps. The word “Bonflet” is in the urban dictionary. You just didn’t look hard enough



not a fan of mills.. to up and down for my liking

Hi guys. First time listener

my mate has told me to tune into your podcast after me asking him for some help with my team. ( second year player). I’ve been pulling my hair out this week and I’m not sure what line to upgrade next. Fwd mid or back? Or get Grundy in somehow? Who would you suggest trading out.appreciate it I’ll put my team in the comments

You need a fwd that’s playing

i do t think garner will last either

not sure on what trades or cash you have but you’ll need to sort that out

logue in def

no Fwd rookies coming so you’ll need some cash

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Jun 23

Hey guys ... Wozza from the UK here ...


I drew with Corey this weekend and that was enough to prompt me to drop you guys a line again.


I just want to say a huge "Thank you" just for doing what you've been doing for a number of years now. Great stuff Corey and Bonfz and crew. Understand that he's busy but really looking forward to when Brett gets on again ... now that will be a top season review!!


Good luck to all and the very best in the finals.


cheers guys,


agreed... bretta needs a return.

Gday lads

i currently still have hore and smith as on field defenders but the rest of my team is finished

8 trades left

only 20 odd k

im Looking at trading out answerth for a defender rookie

i already have logue on the bench but not naish

is it worth not getting naish and going a bottom priced player to grab that extra 21k to up hore To hurn or smith to rich?

Cheers Nath

also ti add

i have also already have hind Clarke and brewley in the mids so I have cash making players at this stage as well

And go Smith/Hore up, play Logue at D6 for a couple weeks

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Jun 23

Hey Fellas,


Who do you think should be a priority to get in out of Logue, Naish and Hind.

Also, what do we do with the likes of young, Rotham and other rookies that arent playing as of now?


Thanks boys.

Logue mate and not much you can do with those blokes. Just have to hold at this point in this season.

depends who you have on field and on bench.. Logue Hind Naish in order of best JS

Looking at Answerth - Logue Hore - Stewart 6 trades left with only needing a DEF and FWD with ROB for cash is there anyone underpriced I should start tolook at as F/D7 or M9

Jun 23Edited: Jun 24

Im doing Answerth to Logue this week. Stewart is a great get too

Suckling real Smokey for a D7..... tohill also a good option

Hello Gents,


Had a nice week scoring 2,112.


My question for the pod is who is the better option to trade out for logue? Hore with a 100+ BE or duursma with an 89 BE.


Aim is to bring in hurn next week after another price fall, so would prefer the person you think will get closer to their breakeven.


Bonfz stay strong on Rowan Marshall with me. The coward can score 7 120s in a row and I am still not picking his ugly melon.


Cheers gents

Duurs was getting midfield minutes... I’d be keeping him

Jun 23


Should I pull the trigger early on Clarke to owies and Duursma to Henderson... or wait for that cow to fatten and grab parker/JKelly.... this Will complete my team..


Thanks Legend and #BonfzFlog

Jun 23

Also sitting just outside 3k and top 3 in my important leagues which is what I care about.

You’ll be saying owies when bonfs hears that name... def hold and get the ultra premo.. still not sold that Henderson can run the year out

G'day boys, loving your work. Wanted to get your thoughts on potential trades. $3k short of bringing in sloane and Logue for duursma and Baker for my last mid upgrade so would you go..


Duursma and Baker to Logue and Treloar


Hore and Baker to Logue and Sloane

Cheers boys!

need a team to make a clear decision

Jun 23

Hey fellas

looking for an m8 this week below $520k, likely Sloane or Zorko. I already have the crouch brothers in there so not sure it’s best idea to have 3 crows mids. I really like Zorko as a pod option, has a great run to end the year and has flown under the radar with Neale taking all the attention and the tagging.

appreciate the input

For under 520 ain’t much on offer... agree with too many crows.. treloar or Zorko the magnificent

Evening, Gents. Just a quick couple of q’s-


1. Lycett worth it or grab Marshall?


2. Who goes first, Hore or BSmith?


Cheers & keep up the great work!! 👍

Lycett... no no no. Marshall.. bonfz head will explode. Guessing this for forward? A team pic would be ideal hore and b smith both gonna leak cash... think hore has the best recent form so probably Smith

Jun 23Edited: Jun 23

Hello Friends.. it‘s your old pal Smitty. Your current hot favourite for the Div 2 title ;)


Now if this isn’t a contradictory little self pump up then I’ve never seen one, but give me a chop out!


This one’s probably a little conflicting for the serial fence sitter considering I’m the only reason why he‘s sitting second, but if you’re good enough to win the league, you will regardless of this little bit of advice ;)


Anywho, Answerth to Naish a no brainer? Worried about downgrade targets in coming weeks so contemplating a double down (Baker to Hind being the second trade), or if I just dump Duursma/Smith (if so, which one) to get Lloyd. Open to other suggestions if you see something else.


In all seriousness though, poddy’s have been ripper this year, and the Elites just keep on growing! Keep on trucking boys, much love!






Answerth to Naish if selected and Baker to hind would set you up for some lovely upgrades next week.. Especially starting with that cash

Jun 23

Hey boys, long time listener first time questioner. Love the poddy definitely my goto. Thinking of either Answorth and Duursma to Logue and Sloane (via dpp) which would finish my midfield. Or should i target a laird ot Ryan in the backline and use Atkins as my last mid for the time being to avoid bad rookie backman on field. Cheers



Answerth to logue setters to hind bank cash.. with Naish no guarantee this week hind will be needed to get that backline full premo if you can

Jun 23Edited: Jun 24



Back in miserable, cold, wet western suburbs of Melbourne! How depressing, but glad the bye rounds are over! Huge thanks for help over the bye rounds, being away and keeping up isn't easy!


This week thinking Answerth > Louge. Question is Hore to Hurn this week or wait? Both have a high BE and most likely lose value and the points are proabably more value.


Before trading this week, 9 trades and $180k.


Waiting to cash in ROB to make final backline upgrade, (hoping Naish can sit in the side for 3 weeks, make some coin and go up to Whitfield/Stewart), possible luxury upgrades of lowest averging mid > JKelly and Worpel up.


Any other team/trade suggestions?


Thanks boys.


I’m waiting on hurn. I downgraded hore to logue.

I'd love to get him cheaper but going Hore >, so might cost the same doing it this week opposed to next.

Answerth to logue.. stocker to hind.. get hinds cash gen in as Naish is going to struggle to hold his spot with a bevvy of tiges Returning. I’d back hore to score in the 80-95 region again and not lose much.. hurn I think will drop 40-50k. Welcome home too... the boys are going to be so bummed your back 😂



Thanks for fence sitting on my question last week Corey helped a lot!


I was 270 overall but after last week moved to 147 overall. I got nervous on Luke Parker last week when I saw JPK was back (Huge mistake) and decided on Mitch Duncan instead. So I have 2 options this week and one is safe and one is risky.


safe option bring in a Sloane, Bont or Coniglio and bring in Logue as D7 cover for the season and my trade to Hurn next week super easy through durrsma and Dylan Moore!


Or i play it risky move Hore to Ryan Gardner which gives me money to go Setterfield to Luke Parker (won’t have enough money to make this move through garner or logue) and I would need 3 things to happen this week. I would need Dylan Moore score 55+ durrsma score 70+ and Hurn to score less than 110 to be able to bring in Hurn!


Do I play it simple and get Sloane, bont or Coniglio and guarantee myself Hurn


Do I risk it all on Parker with the potential of missing out on Hurn!

(Team in comments for context)

Wowweeeee Bloody sensational side! Hore to logue and bont... logue as D7 could be so valuable.. Naish not guaranteed many more games and gardener I think has been kicked back to the u17 ammos... could risk doughnuts in your backline. play it safe bont should still score very well

Jun 24

Hey boys (and fellow elitist community!)


After taking the early season advice to let the trades come to me, I’m still armed with 14 trades and $312k in the bank. Playing for leagues only. My dilemma this week is what I should prioritise. Do I:


use the cash to upgrade Setterfield/Walsh/Atkins/Hore/Smith? If so, who’s more important to upgrade?


semi sideways non playing rookies (Rotham/Scott) to cash generating playing Rookies like Logue/Hind?


a combination of upgrade/downgrade?


or something else??!!


thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!


Cheers, Mr Plow






Smith to Logue, Atkins up. Then Walsh and Hore up next week if you can.

Jun 24

Thats one of things I’ve toyed with. Setterfield at D6 still concerns me, but he might just have to wait to be the last upgrade. Appreciate the response!!

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Jun 24

Hey boys! Love ya work, long time listener, first time questioner. I'm suspecting everyone is going to be bringing in Logue this week for either Duurs or Hore. I'm trading hore, have 400k and 8 trades in the bank to bring in a premium. Should I pull the trigger in Setterfield and bring in a foward (thinking either MARSHALL or Daniel), or pull the trigger on Baker to bring in Josh Kelly. Team is attached below



Thanks heaps, shout out to the BB.

Baker up to JK, Moore okay at F6 for a couple more weeks.


I’m holding on jelly for another week.. if Clarke attaches to him like he did to Cripps he could be mighty cheap in a couple weeks.. 151BE. I reckon setters to Daniel next week duurs down and Baker/Clarke to jelly. Nice team!

Heya fellas. Big follower of the POD!!! The byes are over and iv made it to just outside the top 1,000 so who cares for overall. Im top 2 in my 3 cash leagues though and you guys always say 'you play for league v overall.' Want to know how best to use trades leading into finals. I have 8 trades remaining (brought in Logue) and running Smith, Hore and Walsh on field.

Have 230k and will bring in Hurn in 2 weeks once he drops enough.

Given my large run up to my question...whats the best way to play leagues entering into finals with say 7 trades?

Study your leagues and see how hard your runs coming up are.. might mean you can hold a couple trades if you have an easy run or may need to do a couple of those upgrades to stay at the top with a hard run. Ideally it sounds like you will go deep in finals so have some trades left 2-3 for sideways finals trades

Bonfz, surely you can’t still be disrespecting rowan Marshall now, last 3 scores read 119, 122 and 139, 11 games, 7 110+, and two 90+ only bad score has come against Gawn... Has the bloke slept With your missus or something?

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