Jul 11, 2018



bont out for 2-3weeks, who do i trade to? was thinking oliver, with 6 trades and ranked top 1k?!

Jul 11, 2018

Yep Oliver

Jul 12, 2018

Who else do you have in you Mids?

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  • trade sloane to treloar or trade reilly o brien to max gawn
  • Hey everyone. I’m playing for league only and have top spot locked in. I have 6 trades left and only have one upgrade left in the midfield. I have cover on every line with Hurn, Fyfe and Kelly to return for finals. I’m trading O Baker for B Riach as my m11. Option one. Trade D Clarke to Merrett and that will leave me with 30k and 4 trades for finals. Or option two. Hold off trading Clarke until the first week of finals and trade him to the Bont after the price changes. I’m leaning towards option one but it’s the Bont haha
  • Hi Elites family. In a little bit of a pickle. Running 3rd in my main cash league. 3rd by %. Playing 4th and he covers me by 60pts. Losing this week could potentially throw me down to 6th. I only have 3 trades remaining and need to use 2 trades to bring in an elite. Im running Duursma in my Mids which is where the gap is. All other positions are elite. Do i hold off and pray i get up or cop the slide down to 5 or 6th? Orrrr do i roll the dice and trade in an elite mid or fwd?


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