Josh Corbett (123,900)


Every true Super Coach knows that picking the right rookies is the key to success. Nailing the rookies is a sure fire way to catapult yourself in the overall ranking and setting yourself up for league victory! However, it's not exclusively fresh faced 18 year olds coming into the system anymore, mature age recruits are well and truly in vogue.  


In this series of articles, I aim to give you a bit of an insight and profile into potential mature age recruits worthy of selection for our 2019 SuperCoach teams!

In today's edition of Mature Age Recruits, we look into Werribee forward turned Gold Coast forward, Josh Corbett.


Corbett had been touted as a possible top 30 draft prospect and was the only VFL player invited to the draft combine, however he never actually tested because the Gold Coast were committed to signing him under the AFL’s dispensation rules. For those who are unaware, the AFL gave Carlton and the Gold Coast priority access to state league players.

He missed Werribee’s season opener but resumed in round 2 playing as a forward for the next 9 games until he sustained a season ending eye injury in round 12 against Frankston.


Corbett averaged 72.6 ranking points for the season but if you remove the injury affected score of 29, it bumps his average up to 82.1 over 8 games. He had a low score of 63 and a high of 102. He kicked 22 goals and averaged 7.6 marks over his 9 games.


He was recognised as the most promising young talent in the VFL by being presented with the Fothergill-Round-Mitchell medal. Past winners of the award include Bayley Fritsch (75.2), Luke Ryan (76.7), Nic Newman (82.7) and Kane Lambert (67.5). All had impressive first season averages (displayed above) and as a result were great cash cows. If Corbett can continue the trend, then he too will be a tantalising SuperCoach prospect.


In conclusion, there’s spots available at the Gold Coast and that could mean anything. The uncertainty around their best 22 may or may not work in his favour, as we may be exposed to the Sun’s continuously experimenting. Peter Wright, Ben King and Jack Lukosius are all contending for key forward spots, but Corbett is only 190cm and is probably better suited to a third tall type. Watch his JLT closely, his maturity and hardened body from state league exposure might work to his advantage in a young Gold Coast side.

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