With some clarification coming out about the changes to the kick-in rules, we're likely to see an increase in scores from some defenders. The clarification is as follows:

-If the player kicks the ball from inside the goal square there will be no SC points awarded.

- If the player moves out of the goal square and then kicks the ball, it will count as a disposal and SC points will be awarded.

- All handballs, whether in the goal square or not, will be counted as a disposal.
With the mark being moved further back as well giving the kick-in player more space, we're expecting to see quite a few more players playing on and getting that disposal counted. Listed here are the top kick-in players of 2018, to get your defense started! 
Jake Lloyd comes in as the number one kick-in player, averaging 6.86 per game. At $608,200, he's an expensive addition but has a very good chance of once again being the top defender.
People started to take notice of Hurn part way through last season as a genuine premium and he's sure to make a few teams this year.

Each preseason we hear people debating Kade Simpson and whether his age will finally catch up to him, but once again he'll be leading the charge in the Carlton backline and I don't see his kick in count dropping, so could he be a genuine chance for another 105-110 average at 34 years of age? There are quite a few handy defensive premiums to choose from this year, but this stat will definitely be one to keep in mind when selecting your team. We'll see during preseason games just how much it affects Supercoach scoring. 


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