Michael Gibbons (102,400)


Every true Super Coach knows that picking the right rookies is the key to success. Nailing the rookies is a sure fire way to catapult yourself in the overall ranking and setting yourself up for league victory! However, it's not exclusively fresh faced 18 year olds coming into the system anymore, mature age recruits are well and truly in vogue.  


In this series of articles, I aim to give you a bit of an insight and profile into potential mature age recruits worthy of selection for our 2019 SuperCoach teams!

This week’s edition of Smitty’s Mature Age Recruits is all about the man of the moment, reigning VFL best and fairest and reigning Williamstown best and fairest, Michael “the man, the myth, the legend” Gibbons.

The only thing easier than the decision to write about him this week, is the decision to pick him in your SuperCoach. At 102k, you don’t need me to tell you to pick him (or maybe you do), but if for some reason you need just a little more convincing then carry on reading.


Gibbons was touted by many as the most likely mature age recruit to be drafted, but shockingly missed out. This chance for Gibbons to play AFL is no flash in the pan, like all mature age recruit it’s been a long time coming.


Unlike the other mature age recruits, 2018 wasn’t a break out year, it was more of a consolidation year. He won the JJ Liston trophy (for best player in the VFL) in 2016 when he averaged 29.5 disposals, 5.7 inside 50’s, 13 contested possessions, 7.1 clearances and 4.8 tackles. 2017 was still an outstanding year (averaged 25 disposals), but not as strong. However, Gibbons pushed all of his statistical averages back up to his Liston trophy year of 2016, won it again in 2018 and ultimately got himself recruited. He averaged 28.4 disposals, 6.2 inside 50’s, 12.2 contested possessions, 7.2 clearances and 5.7 tackles.


I don’t need to harp on about Michael Gibbons. In summation, to have him at 102k is an absolute gift. He should have the highest ownership percentage of any player this year. He’s not a kid, he’s 23 and dubbed “the clearance king”, he’s ready to go. Don’t even think about it, get him in with his Williamstown partner in crime Brett Bewley and enjoy the ride. There’s absolutely no risk involved with this selection.


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