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Rory Sloane
Crows vs Tigers is an interesting prospect because there is probably going to be a few high scores from the Crows in my opinion. Picking which ones they will be tough because their prominent scorers on the season Smith, Laird, B. Crouch, M. Crouch haven’t really given us captain type scorers that will entice us. Sloane though is a little different to them, in the sense that I think he has the highest potential of all of them. 3 scores of 138+ on the season for Sloane from 12 games and was on track for about 150 in the game where he did a ‘hamstring’. To be fair his price of 525K and a BE of 181 probably means we should have a serious discussion about him after his bye when he has ‘bottomed’ out. 96, 141 & 140 in his last 3 against the Tigers certainly flags his potential to go big this week. Love this as a VC option, in fact he is the number 1 VC option this weekend.
Predicted Score: 147


Reilly O’Brien

Surely not Bonfz. But hear me out. You’re not telling us to captain a rookie? Well the guys has Jacobs now bearing down his hammer, and just notched up his second ton of the year on mummy last week. Now I’m not saying this is a genuine option, but why could he not score 130+ this week the guy comes up against Soldo and the backup dead GOAT Balta. Couple this with the fact Adelaide’s midfield will probably dominate his HTA will likely be higher than most weeks. Would love to see the one person in the world who does this.  
Predicted Score: 111


Zach Merrett
High score of 126 in his career vs the Hawks I personally wouldn’t bother. Coming off 2 scores of 120+ in his last 6 leading into the boy and with a career average of 88 against the Hawks you just couldn’t do this to yourself. I know what you’re going to say, surely his better then ROB and yes you’re probably correct but I want a 140+ potential with my VC option and I don’t envision Merrett being able to do that this week.
Predicted Score: 106


James Sicily
Played the Bombers once last season for a score of 145. Gee could you imagine. Realistically no one is going to go down this path but it’s interesting. Will be a popular trade in this week though.
Predicted Score: 119


Luke Ryan
140 & 92 on the Power last year. 1/6 tons at Optus stadium this season doesn’t give me confidence though. Will be a popular trade in this week though.
Predicted Score: 98


Nat Fyfe
The are always players in this game of ours that go unnoticed. I mean probably because they are victims of their own standards but Fyfe is just averaging another 120 this season yet I feel all the talk is about Neale, Cripps, Kelly, Grundy & Gawn. We might be due for a reminder from Fyfe to say hold on boys I play in this yard to. Optus Stadium has been a ground in which Fyfe has dominated this season. Scores this season of 147, 63 (injured), 128, 133 & 126. With 3 of his next 4 at Optus get ready for some serious Fyfe scores I reckon. Coming up against Port where he hasn’t set the world on fire 75 & 117 in his last two, he might just turn that around this weekend. Optus stadium prepare yourself for the Fyfe show.
Predicted Score: 139


Patrick Cripps
194. Thank You Crippa. I gave him a warning last week that he was almost booted from being spoken about in the captain’s article and in typical Crippa fashion he responded. You can thank me later for that. Only scored 110 on the Bulldogs earlier in the year and that was in a win. Petrevski-Seton & Mckay absolutely tore that game apart and that probably won’t happen again. His numbers in that game included 37 touches (32 handball, 5 marks, 2 tackles). He might not get 37 this week but he will sure kick the ball more. This guy absolutely loves Marvel Stadium to: He played at Marvel 8 times last season without dropping 106 and scores of: 157, 110, 123, 116 & 194 this season. The beast is back.
Predicted Score: 142


Jack Macrae
We thought he was going to dominate the Blues back in Round 5 this year where he had an average of 113 against the Blues who hadn’t won a game at that point and he only managed a 97. Where does Bont line up though, because if his in the forward line, I’ll avoid Macrae essentially at all costs because Curnow will go to him. Let’s be realistic though Cripps scored 194 last week and there’s no chance your gonna VC or C a dogs player like Marcae or Bont over Crippa. Or are you that insane? Not my call to make, but if I was making the call I’ll say stick with Crippa.
Predicted Score: 109


Marcus Bontempelli
Curnow back in the midfield and the job he did on Lachie Neale in the second half I think means he runs with the Bont when his in the midfield and he probably then has to push forward to break it. I cant confidently say this will produce a good result for his score this week. If you have him he has to be a VC only option, however in saying that this fixture is on Saturday night, which doesn't leave much room for captain options for the following day particularly if you don't own Kelly. 
Predicted Score: 113


Josh Dunkley

4 out of his last 5 have been 119 plus. Seriously underrated in this area of the game (captains). With Curnow in my opinion likely to have stints on Macrae & the Bont I still think the Dogs win and might be on the back of a Dunkley 136. Not a lot of evidence to go through against the Blues and ultimately it comes down to his role, because when his role is good he scores good. Also loves to get off to a flyer in games. I’m expecting 70+ in the first half and just hoping he can continue on and not drop off like he tends to do in games. Risky option though
Predicted Score: 136

Josh Kelly
Now I spoke about Kelly last week probably not going to do something special given his history vs his opponent and I think it’s a little similar this week. Has a high score of 110 vs the Kanga’s in career and on paper it looks like a really good matchup but this game in Tasmania I think will prove to be a tough scoring one for some of our popular Giants. He should still post triple figures but probably won’t be anything to write home about. Think his a safe C option given they are the last game or a good way to try win a league game if you are behind because of his potential to go big. But I would be certainly running the VC on someone higher then him in the top 5 and then turn to him if needed to bring you home the bacon. What a weapon to have up your sleeve,.
Predicted Score: 117



Top 5

1. Sloane

2. Cripps

3. Fyfe

4. Kelly

5. Dunkley

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